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Hello, Ciel (or Sery) here! c:

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And many others.

apparently this blog turned three today (。⌒∇⌒)。

loyaldivinity mentioned you in a post “Yusei for Yu-Gi-Oh! (i wanted to guess. don’t care about promo pft > U >)”

…- (Yusei Fudo) - tastes-like-ciel The Walking Dead Rise of

i am a science. i know things.

instead of sleeping, i’m wide awake having ygo protag feels and downloading Sims mods. i swear i was going to play Corpse Party earlier, but that just didn’t happen. i’m never going to get to play Book of Shadows (the sequel) at this rate.

*rolls around* give me more Yusei and Yuma brother fluff


Shingo, how can you be so incredibly cute?

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