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alicethedragonvalkyrie replied to your post: aww

It’s astounding that Fubuki and Asuka are among the only sibling pairs in ygo that actually look alike.

They do have a nice subtle family resemblance. I like that about them. Also they are very cute. u v u I hope there is more of this family stuff in later episodes~

Professor Daitokuji did what?

Also obligatory school festival episode is next episode. hella


oh good. I was worried for a moment there. I mean I figured she was going to win from the start, but

wait Asuka’s not going to lose, is she?

I think I’m too sleepy to do a live blog today. I fell asleep for like an hour. pft < u >


senpai, you had to start streaming when i was about to liveblog, didn’t you

what sort of adventures await me in GX today?


looking at your art from 3 years ago more like


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